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Help us help ourselves and others awaken more fully. It's easy to participate. Just click on our blog, and find a topic of interest to you. Contribute your comments and ideas, or offer to be interviewed by our writers. Practitioners are also encouraged to participate.

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Enter our Topics/Blog

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Here's what's coming in the Fall 2008 issue:

Guiding our Children; Helping our World - How our childrens' collective consciousness can help build a new future

Abundance for Your Children - Help your children apply the laws of abundance at home and at school

Meditation for Healing Energy - Insights on how to use meditation to heal yourself and others

What Your Doctor Doesn't Tell You - Are we headed for a pharmaceutical armegedon? How the collective negative trends in the American pharma machine is killing our loved ones for fun and profit, and what we can do about it

Applying Spiritual Enlightenment at Work - Is it really possible to be present? And how do you transend the effects of ego when you are in a critical environment or when dealing with the public?

As well as:

Letters to the Editor
Original Essays and Poems
Stories from Our Readers
Suggested Spiritual Reading List
Teacher/Practitioner Guide
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In alignment with our pro-planet value, beginning with the Fall 2008 issue, VibrantSoul will only be available online. Only $5.49 a year delivers you 4 great quarterly issues full of information to feed your soul. The VibrantSoul e-zine is delivered via an email link so that you may choose to store the PDF file on your computer or read online.

But don't forget! VibrantSoul.com is always online, and our topics/blog section benefits from your comments, ideas and inspiration, so come back often!

Subscriptions will start with the first quarterly issue available after your payment is received.

What's in our hands, in our bookbag, on our nightstands (and in our hearts) now:

A New Earth - Eckart Tolle

Einstein His Life and Universe - Walter Isaacson

The Vibrant Soul Bookbag
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